Review: Funny Stuff for Happy People

martinbigpigCategory – Children’s Shows
Genres – children’s, family
Group – Martin ‘Bigpig’ Mor
Venue – Laughing Horse @ City Cafe
Event Website –
Date – 12-18 August
Time – 12:30
Duration – 1 hour
Suitability – U (5+)
Country of Origin – Northern Ireland



Martin Mor from Northern Ireland was a successful circus performer, but has since turned to the comedy circuit.  He has worked professionally as a performer for more than 25 years and is well established in the UK as a popular comedian.  He has performed in many venues, from an Italian prison to performing before members of the British Royal Family. He has even supported the iconic Tina Turner.

For the Fringe this year, Martin is performing a family oriented circus show as Martin BigPig. And what a presence he is, from his outrageously long ZZ Top style beard to his boots, he is genuinely hilarious, with a mischievous streak and dead right audience rapport.

This is no show for the timid, as Martin draws in kids and adults alike to take part in his madness.  As I scrambled to a dark corner to watch the show from a safe distance, Martin BigPig pulled up onto the stage, unsuspecting victims. er audience members, who he swiftly integrated into the show.  The audience was having so much fun, you could see the children jumping up and down to happily become the next casualty of his folly.

Johnny Vegas reports that BigPig is a very funny lad with the best beard in the business and funnyman Frankie Boyle has said that Martin has been a big influence on him.

I won’t spoil the show for you, but there were rabid bunnies, rappin daddies, lickable lollies and tricksy tricks with gravity, raw eggs and water….
This show had laughter galore, shouting, cheering (and jeering!) and lets not forget the fart jokes.  Suitable for children and adults alike, BigPig Martin Mor gives us an hour of comedy, storytelling, circus and stupid science.  That’s right repeat after me kiddies, Stupid Science..Kids, bring your adults to Funny Stuff for Happy People, this is a rib tickling good time for both parents and kids.  I caught myself chuckling all the way through it and I recommend a good dose of BigPig for you lot.

Reviewed by Michelle Harrington


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