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Sending review material to Counter Culture 

We welcome items sent for review, but please note carefully the contents of the paragraphs below. 

Please do not send more than one book, two DVDs or three CDs per parcel, and please label your material ‘for review’. Postage should be prepaid. You should use this postal address :- 

Patrick Harrington 

Counter Culture 

Room 407 

12 South Bridge 



We attempt to review all material received, but please note that our capacity is limited, and that it is not always possible to review everything. Please send only a small number of items for review – not your whole catalogue. We cannot enter into correspondence about when reviews will appear, or why particular items haven’t been reviewed. Material sent for review will not be returned. 

If you are sending books, CDs (including SACDs) or DVDs, you do not need to contact us before sending the material. For any other items, please contact us by email ( with full details, then wait for confirmation before shipping. 

You are welcome to send presentation packs, photos, press releases, catalogues, promotional items etc. 

We don’t accept purely ‘promotional’ material which is not on sale. To be eligible for review, items must be commercially available (or about to become commercially available) for purchase by our readers. 

You can also email any questions to:- 

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