Review: Titus Andronicus


Titus brought to the street on the Royal Mile

Category     Theatre
Genres     drama, tragedy
Group     Deadly Theatre Productions
Venue     C venues – C nova ​
Event Website
Date     31 July – 17 August
Time     12:15
Duration     1 hour 45 minutes
Suitability     12+
Country of Origin     England

Most people would probably imagine that fans of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill vengeance movies rarely overlap with those worthy folk who appreciate the plays of William Shakespeare. This blood-drenched interpretation of Titus Andronicus  re-imagines the ultimate vengeance play as a graphic novel set in post-communist Russia. Changes of scene are signalled by a large back projection in stark black, red and white. We move from the Kremlin to back allies, dark forests, and Titus’ home. This is very effective yet it never dominates or gets in the way of the action.

The real strength of this play is the quality of the acting.  The images of the sexy, manipulative Tamora who stops at nothing to avenge the loss of her own son, her evil confederate Aaron and the broken-hearted character of Titus himself, who – until the penny drops -spends most of the play wondering what the hell happened to him and his family are likely to haunt the mind of anyone who sees this play for a very long time.

Deadly Theatre Productions have produced a bloody masterpiece. Don’t miss it.

Reviewed by David Kerr


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