Real Japanese Drum Beat: IKKI Samurai Drums

samuraiThe Space Symposium Venue 43
Aug 10th-Aug 23rd, 5:10pm £10.00 (£6.00)

Four slightly built Japanese young people address their drums with relentless energy, so much so that it was quite tiring to watch – but in a good way. The choreography involved was complex but these Samurai drummers never missed a beat. This wasn’t a competition to see who could blatter away the loudest; this was harmony in action.

The accomplished drummers charmed the packed-to-the-rafters audience with their grace and beauty. Sadly, a clamour for more went unheard. Nevertheless, the relationship was sealed at the end of the performance where they all lined up outside the door and presented each one of us with a piece of origami.
***** Five Stars

Reviewed by David Kerr


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