Cast of Metamorphoses leafleting on the Royal Mile.



Fables from Ovid

Venue 53, The Space at Surgeon’s Hall

Hecate Theatre Company

What could be more innocent?  Four excited boarding schoolgirls can’t sleep as they await a debutant ball the next day.  They are about to become women.

The stern matron is persuaded to tell the girls a story.  She retells the old story of Arachne, whose weaving skill was so fine that she provoked the wrath of the Goddess Minerva, who turned her into a spider.  Using their bedlinen as props the girls compete to tell even more hair-raising tales from Ovid. The subjects of these stories find that their actions have dire consequences. If you don’t know the stories, you’re in for a big shock.  Prepare to have your spine chilled.

**** Four Stars.

David Kerr


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