Baby Wants Candy


Baby Wants Candy

Assembly 3, George Square

Baby Wants Candy is your one-stop call for improvisational musical comedy.  Each evening the five cast members perform a never-to-be-repeated original musical show, using a title suggested by a member of the audience.  The lucky audience member whose suggestion is used gets a free t-shirt at the end of the show over-printed with the title of his show.

It’s impressive to watch how one cast member picks up cues from the others and runs with it, often in a total tangent to what went on before.  I get the impression that occasionally one member might playfully try to wrong-toot another.  Sure it’s great crack. This kind of ‘spontaneous co-ordination’ must take a lot of practice to perfect.

Aided by a wild bunch of frenetic musicians, this small team has put in a lot of hard work and are reaping dividends. They are playing to packed houses every night.

Baby Wants Candy is just the ticket for anyone looking for a bit of light entertainment at this year’s Fringe.

**** Four Stars

David Kerr


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