Presented by Dream Epic and Salida Productions


GOD alone knows what the title means, It’s not important. This fast-moving, hard-hitting play has much to say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

Harry, an enthusiastic young, naïve writer bunks up with  Bill, a jaded, washed out old hand – a friend of a friend in the chief city of a strategic South American city on the verge of revolution.  Within a few weeks, however, he has become single-minded enough in pursuit of his story to go into the south of the country and ‘rescue’ a girl from the unfolding chaos.

Within a decade, his book has become a bestselling advocate for war against the new South American ideology.  He realises his role as a prophet of fear and paranoia and tries, claims he was sick at the time, and tries to enlist Bill to help,

James Cunningham plays Bill with unrelenting world-weary cynicism.  James Maxted carries off Harry’s early-years Tony Blair-style ‘Bambi’ to perfection.  Andrea Pelaez combines fear, uncertainty and indignation in a perfect mix.


**** Four Stars



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