Meta Morpho

Zoo Roxy, Venue 115, Roxburgh Place

WHAT on earth is going on here?  That was my reaction when this play opened.  This was a puppet show, for goodness sake.  I don’t like puppets, except maybe Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds when I was a child.  However, any initial bafflement melted away as things began to make sense.

Devil in the Detail has live actors in huge masks, a bit like the Tweenies, but this story is not for children. There is no dialogue. Changes of mood. Changes of pace.  All the performances are led by the musical soundtrack.

The action unfolds like an old Brian Rix Whitehall farce -as adapted by Quentin Tarantino or the Coen Brothers, with opening and closing doors and characters just missing one-another.  Two tenants, a crooked accountant who is skimming money off a sexy gangster and a dozy night security man, both rent the same flat from a dodgy landlady and her shopaholic daughter. Neither one knows about the other. It’s great knockabout stuff.  Look out for a runaway snake, a barking dog, murder and mayhem in this riot of fun.

Reviewed by David Kerr

**** Four Stars


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