Scene of the Titans

Cheesy dance routines

Karaoke Night

By Tim Foley

Faulty Productions

C Venue 34, Adam House, Chambers Street

TIM FOLEY, a member of the Belfast Titans RFC has penned this improbable account of how the famous rugby team was founded.  If you’re looking for innuendo and jokes about men playing games with odd-shaped balls you’ve come to the right place. There are some priceless one-liners in this sharp, witty script. Pay attention or you’ll miss some.

Loosely based on true events, the story unfolds with Terry – a regular in the Belfast gay bar, the Kremlin – telling a TV crew how he set up the team initially to impress Colin.  The goal of the makeshift team was to contest the Bingham World Cup in Dublin (the Emerald City) and do it all in just eight months.

Presented as a Broadway-style musical, each stage of story unfolds in song with some deliberately cheesy dance routines. Just one caveat, the dance scene of the song, My God is Gay may offend some folk. It didn’t advance the plot in any way to have one of the dancers appearing in cruciform. You have been warned.

Despite the name, Faulty Productions have managed to pull off (sorry it’s infectious) a hit show.  The mix of music, humour and pathos is just right with an upbeat and catchy score whose tunes that will haunt you for hours after the show.  This show should tour and consider releasing a CD of the soundtrack.

**** Four Stars

Reviewed by David Kerr


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