Review: Medea the Musical

Medea the Musical is a show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s a stripped-down version of the ancient Greek tragedy by Euripides. Four characters re-tell the story of betrayal and revenge. Euripides’ 5th century BC tragedy Medea is not a happy tale and might seem an unlikely choice for a musical adaptation. It depicts the ending of Medea’s marriage with Jason after he abandons her for king Creon’s daughter Creusa. In revenge, Medea murders Creusa and then her own sons by Jason.

A unique, thought-provoking musical experience

While the subject matter might sound heavy, the musical is actually quite funny and entertaining. The catchy songs and clever lyrics will stick with you long after the show is over. And even though it’s (partly at least) a comedy, the musical still manages to raise some important questions about love, betrayal, and forgiveness.

The audience is invited to sit as a jury as the story is told. All four characters have complex motives. Our narrator is Aegeus, a manipulative lawyer who seems to push events along and cause trouble partly out of a desire just to see what happens. Jason is a man who leaves his wife for another woman and ends up losing everything, even his faith in God. Glauce (Cruesa in the original) is Jason’s new woman who is entertainingly bitchy with some great songs and lines. And then there is Medea whose motivation and responsibility we are invited to consider. It’s thought-provoking stuff.

The cast is backed by an accomplished live music ensemble. The songs are great and move much of the action as well as explaining the vulnerabilities and motivations of the characters. I particularly enjoyed Thick Skins but there are a number of good songs drawing on different musical genres.

If you’re looking for something different at this year’s Fringe Festival, be sure to catch Medea the Musical. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Patrick Harrington

Medea the Musical
Venue 152
Paradise in Augustines – The Studio
Aug 17-20, 22-28
1 hour 20 minutes
Group: Tiny Mouth Productions

Fringe box office 0131 226 0000

Cast and Crew

Aegeus: Xander Pang

Medea: Hayley Canham

Glauce: Dixie McDevitt

Jason: Gabriel Jones

Violin: Hannah Erlebach

Cello: Beatrice Thompson

Guitar: András Droppa

Keys: Fleur Gardner-Wray

Director: Maria Telnikoff

Musical Director: Fleur Gardner-Wray

Writer: Hayley Canham

Producer: Bella Cavicchi

#edfringe @medeathemusical @ParadiseGreenUK


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