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Saturday 2 April 2022

Rap Gets Real BBC RADIO 4 15:30
Once considered part of the problem, can rap music help change black men’s attitudes towards mental illness? Guvna B looks at the genre’s changing representation of mental health.

Sunday 3 April 2022

Analysis: The Dictator’s Survival Guide BBC RADIO 4 21:30
A handbook on the strategies autocrats use to survive in office. James Tilley finds out how authoritarians manage to suppress opposition and remain in power.

Arena: All the world’s a screen BBC4 22:45
An exploration of the history of Shakespeare’s plays, from the silent era to the modern day featuring archive interviews with movie directors including Laurence Olivier, Orson Welles, Franco Zeffirelli, Kenneth Branagh and more.

Monday 4 April 2022

Hybrid Humans by Harry Parker: Becoming Hybrid BBC RADIO 4 09:45 (1/5)
Harry Parker’s new book tells the story of how his life changed after losing his legs to an IED in Afghanistan. As he grapples with a new identity and disability, he is introduced to a world of robotics and technological advances in medicine and wearable devices that have possibilities for what a body can be, now and in the future. Today, Harry recounts the months of recovery following the moment that he stepped on a bomb.

Harry Parker was in his twenties when he stepped on an IED while serving in Afghanistan in 2009 which altered his life in an instant. Here he takes us on his own personal journey as he grapples with an acquired disability and a new identity. At the same time he explores the little known and fascinating history of prosthetics, and the extraordinary advances in medicine and technology designed to ameliorate the effects of disability, illness and injury, from cochlear implants to wearable robotic suits, or exoskeletons. We’ll also find out about the multi-billion pound industry involved in rehabilitating the body, and how invention, art and creativity play their part.

Harry Parker is the author of the acclaimed novel, Anatomy of a Soldier. He joined the army when he was twenty-three and served in Iraq in 2007 and Afghanistan in 2009. He is now a writer and artist.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Positive Thinking: Citizens’ Assemblies BBC RADIO 4 09:00
Sangita Myska asks if citizens assemblies are the way to strengthen democracy in Britain.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Ingenious: The Warrior Gene BBC RADIO 4 09:30
Is there really a gene that makes some people more violent than others? And should some criminals get a lesser sentence because of what’s in their DNA? Dr Kat Arney investigates.

Thursday 7 April 2022

One, Two, Three (1961) GREAT! movies classic 18.45
In West Berlin during the Cold War, a Coca-Cola executive is given the task of taking care of his boss’ socialite daughter.

One, Two, Three is a rarely screened Wilder film treat

Terrorism and the Mind: Talking to Terrorists BBC RADIO 4 20:00
What are researchers learning about the prevalence of mental illness among convicted terrorists, and the role it plays in their actions? Raffaello Pantucci investigates.

Friday 8 April 2022

Punk Sky Arts 23:15 (1/4)
The series continues with an exploration of the birth of a form of punk so extreme it has been dubbed hardcore, embraced by The Germs, Bad Brains, Black Flag and more.

And in other news…

“Star Wars” fans, like me, will have to wait just a bit longer to see Ewan McGregor back in action as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The upcoming “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series has delayed its premiere from Wednesday, May 25, to Friday, May 27. The first two episodes of the limited series will air on Disney Plus that day.

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