Edinburgh Fringe: Sinatra: Raw

Venue 150
Pleasance at EICC – Cromdale Theatre
Aug 10, 12-15
1 hour
Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
Group: Richard Shelton presented by James Seabright by arrangement with MLA

Richard Shelton performs and interprets Frank Sinatra

From the opening number “All or Nothing At All” (1939) I knew I was going to enjoy this show. Richard Shelton has a great voice. He doesn’t mimic Sinatra so much as interpret him. The show delivers song after song from an impressive catalogue of hits and some that should have been hits. These include includes “One for my baby” (1947), “I’m a fool to want you” (1954), “Angel eyes” (1958) and “That’s life” (1966). The audience even got to call out and request their favourites.

In between the songs Shelton gives us a lot of information on Sinatra in wisecracking style and in Sinatra’s voice. It’s one hell of a story. It covers a lot from Sinatra’s near-death birth, his relationship with Ava Gardner, the Rat Pack and his campaigning for Civil Rights, Kennedy and the Democrats. Oh, and inevitably, there are the alleged links with the Mafia.

As an audience we were transported back to 1971 in the Purple room, Palm Springs, where Frank performed a retirement concert. If you are a Sinatra fan you will love it and if you aren’t yet you may be after seeing this show.

Reviewed by Patrick Harrington


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