Japan Marvelous Drummers 

japanmarvelousdrummersAssembly George Square Theatre, George Square.
1:15pm daily, (except Friday 17) until 27th August.
Price £14.

High-octane is a phrase that could be used to describe the performance of this troop of musicians from Fukuoka, Japan. While drums are indeed their main instruments, flutes and others also play a part in this hour-long show that keeps up a rapid tempo from start to finish.

Each set of pieces is introduced and the significance of the music is explained to the audience. The musicians move instruments on and off the set with an ease and efficiency that ensures that the flow of performance is not interrupted.

The physicality of the performers is considerable. Not only do they play their instruments, (including banging the drums with some vigour!), but they also engage in some slapstick and carrying around what look rather heavy drums. Like a long and hard-fought tennis match you almost feel tired watching them!

Japan Marvelous Drummers is an hour of rip-roaring entertainment from a group of talented and likeable artists. My only caution would be that it if you have sensitive hearing then do not sit too near to the front!

Reviewed by David Andrews

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