BREXIT the Musical

DSC_0796At: C Venues, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Until 28 August

It’s 24 June 2016 and Boris wakes up to the horrible realisation that Leave has accidentally won the EU Referendum. Worse follows when he and Michael discover that George is suffering from amnesia and not only does he now think that he is a journalist but he has lost The Plan of what to do if the country did indeed vote to leave. The boys set-off on a Holy Grail like quest to find The Plan under the direction of the leather trouser clad new Prime Minister, Theresa, who does not suffer any dilly-dallying on the matter.

This musical comedy is a little over an hour of rip-roaring entertainment with a fine cast DSC_0797and a host of new and original songs from the outgoing PM David giving the kind of farewell address that he might really have liked to give the nation outside of Number 10 to Andrea singing about how mother is always right to Jeremy bemoaning how the Brexit vote will stop him getting to Glastonbury. Our politicians are mimicked with some skill and the witty and snappy dialogue leaves the audience with a smile on their faces as well as a few laugh out loud moments.

With no strong bias against either side you will enjoy BREXIT the Musical whether you were a Leaver or Remainer last June.

Reviewed by David Andrews


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