No Exit (Huis Clos)


A well acted and interesting adaptation of a Satre classic

theSpace @ Jury’s Inn (Venue 260)
Aug 23-26
50 minutes

As I walked in I was welcomed to hell. The show is an adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic directed by Charlie Rogers. Satre’s version of hell isn’t the traditional one of fire and brimstone. The torture is mental and subtle rather than physical and crude. It’s summed up in the famous phrase “Hell is other people”. It’s a surprising take and who would expect this to include IKEA furniture and a TV set?

The young actors in this show all bring something to the table. It’s an ensemble effort. Though I particularly liked  the expressions of the staff demon who conveyed a knowing, smug sadism whilst saying little. This adaptation from the Stahl theatre (based in Oundle) was very well done. If you enjoy thought-provoking and well acted drama go see it.

Cast and Crew

Valet- Charlie Rogers
Joseph Garcin – Tom Younger
Inès Serrano – Coco Brown
Estelle Rigault –  Hetty Hodgson
Designer – Lizzie Lee

Five stars
Reviewed by Patrick Harrington


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