The Sorries


The Sorries

The kilted duo pose for the cameras.

The Sorries

Venue 40, Quaker Meeting House, Victoria Terrace


Lovers of the music of the legendary Scottish folk band, The Corries, will not be disappointed by this tribute act.  This well-matched duo, Martin Philip and Douglas Kay, run through a programme of Corries cover songs, traditional folk songs, original material, topical observations and witty banter.  At one part they even attempt to outdo one-another with virtuoso guitar riffs – duelling acoustic guitars.  Throw in an electric mandolin and a pair of bodhrans and these lads will demonstrate their crowd-pleasing talents.


It’s impossible to just sit still and listen to The Sorries. It will be all you can do to stop yourself taking to the floor and dancing a jig around the hall.  Don’t do it; just clap along, join the lads and the rest of the audience in belting out the odd chorus and have a real good time just like everyone else in the hall.


***** Five Stars

David Kerr


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