Sealand flyer for Edinburgh Fringe



Zoo Monkey House Venue 124

The Alchemist

Although it was well-acted with a fantastic well-made set, three was something lacking in this tale of a new independent ‘nation’ established seven miles out at sea on a old offshore sea fort.

Recently widowed Ted brings his young son – a Harry Potter lookalike – attempt to escape from ‘broken Britain’ They are joined by s stroppy 16-year-old girl, her idealistic mother and ne’er-do-well alcoholic father, who is kept locked up in the basement down below.

What nags is the unanswered questions at the heart of the play.  Why is Ted so driven? Is it obsession, madness or Utopian idealism? Why have they kept the girl’s dad locked up?

Nevertheless, it is an interesting take on interpersonal relationships in a confined area This play’s great strength is in the attempts of the young girl to relate to Ted’s naïve son, Ted , her mum and her own estranged father.  This alone makes it worth going to see.

*** Three Stars

David Kerr


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