Les Claypool – 5 Gallons Of Diesel

Les Claypool – 5 Gallons Of Diesel

Release Date – 2005
5 Gallons Of Diesel presents a collection of live performances, music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and other bonus material from renowned bassist Les Claypool’s non-Primus ventures, including Oysterhead, Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains, Sausage, Frog Brigade, and Holy Mackerel.

SOUND:  After the release of Primus’ Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People in 2003, bass virtuoso Les Claypool released a DVD of 3 1/2 hours of material covering his various side projects over the years, including rare live footage, music videos and exclusive behind the scene footage.  Covering bands from Sausage (containing the original Primus line-up) to Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains (Claypool’s latest group at time of release) there is a wide variety of music produced taking in Claypool’s creative music and many other famous musicians putting their stamp on it including Buckethead, Stewart Copeland (of Police fame), Trey Anastasio (of Phish fame), Brain (Primus, Praxis, Guns N Roses), Bernie Worrel (Funkadelic, Parliament), Skerik (Critters Buggin) and the list goes on.  The music each band produces is one of a kind and you are unlikely to find anything like it anywhere else.  10/10.
CONTENT:  The DVD contains 3 1/2 hours of footage including each of the bands performing live/music videos, as well as the extras of Claypool fishing and having a “bass battle”.  The various content can be seen as follows:

01. Riddles Are Abound Tonight (video)
02. The Making Of Riddles
03. Prelude To Fear (live)

Holy Mackerel
04. Hendershot (live)

05. Shadow Of A Man (live)

Frog Brigade
06. Here’s To The Man (live)
07. Running The Gauntlet (live)
08. David Makalaster (live)
09. Long In The Tooth (live)
10. Whamola (live)
11. Granny’s Little Yard Gnome (live)
12. Ding Dang (live)
13. Buzzards Of Green Hill (live)

14. Opening Jam (live)
15. Encore Jam (live)
16. Tyranny Of The Hunt (live)
17. Scott Taylor (live)

Les Claypool
18. Riddles Are Abound Tonight (live)
19. The Awakening (live)

20. 3 Guys Named Schmo (live)
21. Buzzards Of Green Hill (video)
22. The Making Of Buzzards
23. The Recording Of Buzzards
24. Fly Fishing The World 2004 Idaho
25. Fly Fishing The World 2005 Quebec

I personally would have enjoyed more footage from Oysterhead, Sausage and The Holy Mackerel, but it has to be appreciated that footage for these bands is quite hard to come by.  However the overall content provided is excellent.  10/10.

PRODUCTION QUALITY:  The videos are extremely high quality showing good camera work and high quality picture and sound.  The footage on the DVD was recorded and produced professionally with the exception of the behind the scenes videos which are done with a camcorder, similar to the Animals should not try to act like people behind the scenes.  10/10.

IMPRESSION:  I was anxious to get this after scouring the internet and my local music shops for it and I was not disappointed.  It is a great DVD and if you love Les Claypools music or his stage presence and sense of humour you will really enjoy this DVD.  If you are not a fan of Les Claypool or haven’t heard any of his music before I would suggest this DVD as a good introduction to the variety of music he plays.  Most of the different bands on this DVD are jam bands which mix metal, alternative rock, funk and experimental music together in an original and entertaining way which could definitely be enjoyable for anyone who likes those genres of music.  It must be warned though that Claypools zany sense of humour and his approach to music is a bit of an acquired taste.  However even if you do not enjoy the music you most definitely have to hear it just to appreciate the brilliance in composition and showmanship seen on this DVD!  10/10.


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