Edinburgh Fringe: Baby wants Candy *****

17:35 hrs

Assembly @ assembly Hall Rainey Hall   TICKETS

5 August – 30 August (not 23rd)

Have you a brilliant sure-fire idea for a top-notch musical comedy?  Have you a title worked out?

Well, now’s your chance to see your great idea on stage; for one night only.

The talented team from Baby Wants Candy specialises in improvised musical comedy.  All the team need is a previously unused idea from the audience and tyey’re off!  I wanted Fluffy Kittens Rule the World but I was beaten to the posu by an audience member behind me with, Help, I’ve Lost my German.

This young team are magnificent.  They are so comfortable in one-another’s presence that the cast members pick-up quickly on the cues thrown their way. Now and then a cast member will bowl another a googly for fun just to see how they cope with it but nobody was ever left speechless.

This kind of spontaneity need to be well-orchestrated.  Baby Wants Candy elevates the format pioneered by Whose Line is it Anyway? to new heights.

This show packed in the punters.  It’s easy to see why?  This is pure entertainment gold.

Reviewed by David Kerr


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