Games: Avalon Code (Nintendo DS)

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This is an engaging but complicated game from Rising Star. The theme is that the world is bound for destruction, but it will be recreated. The Book of Prophecy provides the blueprint. The Player is tasked with finding everything to be recreated and recording them in the book. Various enemies are trying to obstruct you.

The book allows you to scan objects made up of different codes but it also lets you rearrange those codes. That’s the fun bit as it lets you play with reality within the game. You can make enemies weaker by playing with the codes and perform certain actions (like customising weapons) with them.

I found the manipulation of the codes challenging and wished for a guide at some points! Finding and organising your codes is not that easy. Younger players might lose patience.

Avalon code is different and innovative. It’s refreshing and new. It’s a clever puzzle which presents a challenge.

Reviewed by Pat Harrington


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