CD Review: Mad About the Boy 12

Mad About the Boy coverRefreshing, tantalising and exciting are words that would describe this box set of two cd’s.

Its great to hear some new NRG sounds; sounding off in handbag style, with a dance edge. All of the tracks would go down well in any club dance circuit, they have a universal appeal. I wouldn’t be too surprised if some of the tracks hit the mainstream charts.

All of the artists chosen have the most amazing vocals, combined with fantastic lyric and music: produced with sheer brilliance.

The tracks that do it for me are Mary Kiani, (Come Into My World); Tamara, (Hero, Futureforce Club Mix); Nicki French, (I Surrender – Shanghai Surprize 12″ Club Remix); Mark Ashley, (I’ll Be There For You Tonight – Extended Mix); Ernest Kohl, (All I Know – UK Extended Club Mix); Big City – (Need Your Love); and Primero – (Not In Love).

Riccardo in model pose looks great on the cover! If interested in the photography check out The Children of Dorothy website.

Overall excellent value for money and this box set comes highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jacqueline Sharp

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