Simply Bowie


Darley interprets Bowie skillfully

Frankenstein Pub, Edinburgh
26 George Iv Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EN
1840-1940 till 29 August

Sometimes free shows are free because they aren’t very good. That isn’t the case here. Singer Oliver Darley amd Pianist Chad Lelong interpret the songs of David Bowie in a nuanced and subtle way. The audience was still and concentrating on the performance transfixed by the way each song had been skillfully varied yet kept the essense of the original.

There was some commentary of the context of the songs and the audience were encouraged to shout out answers if they thought they knew them.

Bowie hits like Changes and Heroes were all there alongside less well known songs. Darley has a fine voice – “One of the UK’s greatest white voices” according to BB King. He didn’t mimic or slavishly copy (even changing changes dropping the ch, ch, ch!).

A great show and great German beer like Löwenbräu (from Munich) on tap. What more could you ask for?

Reviewed by Pat Harrington
Four Stars


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