5th – 30th August (not 17th) @22.35 finish 23.50
Tickets £11.00 – £14.00


Reviewed by Jacqueline Sharp

Lovelace: A Rock Musical describes an era of time during the 1970’s

when erotic porn was considered chic:a great story to tell!

Deep Throat, triple-x-rated film brought the world to a standstill when it was released to the World Theater in New York City in 1972! Erotic porn in the seventies was cool and chic with many celebrities of the day, who attended the screening of Deep Throat. Masses of the public felt liberated in the seventies, and the film was enjoyed as sex chic!

Lovelace: the rock musical will raise a few eyebrows with many Edinburgh Fringe goers but they won’t be disappointed!

For the Linda Lovelaces of today sex should not be dirty, nor shameful, so hands up to Roz Bernstein Productions/William Morris Endeavor Entertainment for bringing this musical to the fringe for 2010.

Many tabloids of today do however enjoy sexualising or sensationalising women and sex, labelling women into roles as prostitutes, hookers, etc, creating salacious stories to sell their tabloids! This is why this musical is important as it explains the historical aspects of a time when the public accepted sex and enjoyed the sexual revolution.

The strengths of this musical are it portrays Linda Lovelace, as an ordinary person; a wife and mother. Katrina Lenk, has won Stage Scene LA awards for her portrayal as Linda, who was an ordinary person, and even more of an extra ordinary person!

My only criticism of the musical was that it did overplay her as a victim a bit too much! Linda has given numerous interviews and claims she did enjoy the sex and had fun, then later contradicted herself on many occasions, portraying herself as the victim of fear and violence, forced into prostitution and hardcore porn.

There are always two sides of the story, her husband Chuck Traynor, (Jimmy Swan) is part of that story. The musical makes him out to be the bad guy all of the time! However, it may be best to keep an open mind.

Overall for those who want to know more about her personal life will not be disappointed as it is a whirlwind of 90 minutes of Linda Lovelace, without the hardcore!

As for the songs, they are very catchy rock/pop anthems musical scores by Anna
Waronker and Charlotte Caffey (former band members of the Go Go’s and
That Dog) combined with awesome lyrics by Jeffery Leonard. You will be humming and tapping your feet along with the beat most all of the time to a rock musical in the style of Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar!

Director Ken Sawyer has brought to the Fringe an incredible production worthy of a Fringe Award!



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