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Boo Frog

Boo Frog are a trio of old school Portland rockers who’ve been around the block a time or two.  This is a gathering of some laid back guitar slinging rock originals.  Imagine a sort of voodoo-bluesy stroll colliding with class act rock n roll.
They are comprised of a two-guitar-and-drums garage rock trio featuring axe-mastermind, Chris Newman on guitar and vox, Rock bad girl Erika Meyer also on guitar/vox, and Paul Vega on drums. Chris and Erika share song writing duties.
Boo Frog was spawned from a one-time Lux Interior tribute show performed April 2009. After the tribute, Chris Newman (formerly

Erika Meyer

of Napalm Beach, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Chris Newman Experiment, Divining Rods etc..), and Erika Meyer (formerly of Serpentone) and drummer Paul Vega (Wadsworth, Subarachnoid Space, Diesto, Lost Acolytes) decided to continue playing together.  Lucky for us they decided to keep it together and move forward.

Chris Newman

Boo Frog’s original songs feature fuzz and reverb-laden guitars.  They have been compared to early Cramps, (vintage gear and no bass) style.  Boo Frog’s sound has also been likened to bands such as The Seeds, Velvet Underground, and Gun Club.
For me Boo Frog is a gravelly mix of down and dirty swamp rock on a lazy afternoon,  kickin up the dust on a hot summers day.  They have a soul grazing kick back sound that crawls up your spine and growls at you…

Review by Rosdaughr

Photography by Dean Fletcher
Boo Frog can be found here and here
Boo Frog on Facebook

Boo Frog Discography

Boo Frog, their first released in 2009 on Skullman Records.  According to their liner notes, this was recorded in late July, during the three hottest days in Portland history, Boo Frog recorded and mixed their self-titled 13-song debut CD at Platonic Studios over a period of 24 studio hours.

The songs are mostly first-takes, with minimal overdubs. They range from short and sweet rockers to a lazy meandering life soundtrack…  This album has something for the romantic too; from sweet love songs to aching ballads.

These songs can be purchased as an album or individually, here and includes my all-time Boo Frog favourite song, Two Wild Cats (in a Gunny Sack). Other excellent tracks on this one include: Walk With Me, Her Heroine, Birthday Girl, and What Would I Do?

Better than the rest

Click on image to buy

Better Than the Rest was recorded at Smegma Studios last year and released on Skullman Records in April of 2010. This downloadable Cd consists of 11 songs recorded on a 16 track tape.

Notable songs on this release:  Bad Pam, Jake the Alligator Man (because seriously, who doesn’t love ole Jake?) Click here for live video of Jake., Back Alley Man, Mind Bender (garage-y goodness that reminds me of old Stooges)  and Re-Revolution another classic reminiscent of Lou Reed and VU.

Upcoming news for Boo Frog: They will be releasing a live cassette of their performance during the last days of the legendary Satyricon club in Portland, entitled, Boo Frog Undead at Satyricon.  These guys are seriously pumping out a lot of music at the moment, as they are also scheduled to go into the studio in May to record a new release.
We hope to see them here in the UK and in Europe in the near future.  Any booking interest please contact them through their website.



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