TV shows: Nazi Twin Mystery

Reviewed by Rosdaughr

Monday 11 January at 9:00PM, Tuesday 12 January at 12:00AM – National Geographic Channel and again on Tuesday at 5:00PM – National Geographic Channel

In a remote part of Brazil, lies a tiny town full of twins. Among the community of around 80 families, there are reportedly 44 pairs of twins – many blond and blue-eyed. Could these twins be the legacy of the escaped Nazi war criminal and SS physician, Josef Mengele?

This very interesting programme takes a trip around South America looking at high instances of twins both with children and cattle. They are searching for the infamous ‘Angel of Death,’ Mengele. It appears from this show, that Mengele continued his medical experiments on twins in South America. Secret Agents and a team of scientists follow his trail of twins to uncover the truth behind why so many twins have been born in this remote area. It seems Mengele started his South American twin experiments with a vetrinary pharmaceutical company, then moved on to human subjects. How did he manage to create so many pairs of twins? Tune into this episode to find out.


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