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Film & DVD Review: Brother Bear

RUNNING TIME: 80 Minutes DIRECTORS:Aaron Blaise & Robert Walker

Reviewed By Jacqueline

A great start! An old woman talks about her ancestors and their spiritual beings. A unique fantasy story emerges, she tells of, “a world full of magic” and “the ever-changing light dancing across the sky, the lights are powers to make changes to our world”.

Most importantly for the story she continues, “when each of us comes of age the great spirits reveal to us a totem that helps guide us through our lives”.

I’m curious, what are these totems? The old woman awards Kenai, (Joaquin Phoenix), with his totem, The Bear of Love. We learn of his two older brothers’ totems. Denhai, (Jason Raize) has been bestowed with the totem of wisdom, while his other brother Sitka, (D. B Sweeney), has been awarded the totem, the Eagle of guidance.

A great story unfolds of brotherly love and honour. Kenai’s life changes forever due to an unfortunate event. He can’t turn back time and finds himself being part of a bear world. He hooks up with a baby bear called Koda, (Jeremy Suarez), whom he adores and eventually loves. Together they set out on their long journey over the mountains looking for answers trying to turn back time. Unfortunately all is not well; an angry hunter carrying a spear tries to kill Kenai.

Kenai and Koda eventually find what they have been searching for. However, a twist in the storyline is one that changes Kenai’s life forever. He is transformed from a boy to a man and finds himself with an extended family.

You will enjoy the enchanting music from Phil Collins and Tina Turner. The animation is extremely colourful and exciting. A truly unique production, which comes highly recommended. Your children will love talking for hours on end about the colourful animals they have seen, such as the bears, mammoths, squirrels and moose. It is great that all of the animals were friendly and kind towards one another. Your little ones will enjoy sharing the experience of the great magical animal kingdom that brother bear experienced. They will be able to talk and talk with their siblings about brotherly love and totems for hours on end. One of the strengths of this animation is that it proves to be an enjoyable production for adults to watch with the added benefit that you will be able to share the experience and magic of Brother Bear with your children.



Chuck Williams


# Tab Murphy
# Lorne Cameron
# David Hoselton
# Steve Bencich
# Ron J Friedman


# Phil Collins, (On My Way/No Way Out/Look Through My Eyes)
# Jeremy Svarez, (On My Way with Phil Collins)
# Tina Turner, (Great Spirits)
# The Bulgarian Women’s Choir, (Transformation)
# The Blind Boys of Alabama, (Welcome)


# Joaquin Phoenix, (Kenai Bear)
# Jeremy Suarez, (Koda)
# Jason Raize, (Denahi)
# Rick Moranis, (Rick)
# Dave Thomas, (Tuke)
# D. B Sweeney, (Sitka)
# Joan Copeland, (Tanana)
# Estelle Harris, (Old Lady Bear)
# Michael Clarke Duncan, (Tug)
# Paul Christie, (Ram 1)
# Daniel Mastrogiorgio, (Ram 2)


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