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The Alleys (2021)

The Alleys takes us deep into the residential alleys of Amman, Jordan. These narrow streets, where buildings stand so close together, become the backdrop for a tapestry of interconnected lives. Bassel Ghandour, the writer-director, makes his feature debut with this film, which has garnered attention on the festival circuit. However, upon closer examination, The Alleys struggles to withstand scrutiny, despite standout performances by Maisa Abd Elhadi and Nadira Omran.

The narrative revolves around Ali, a small-time opportunist who leads unsuspecting tourists to the vibrant nightlife of the city. Simultaneously, someone clandestinely captures Ali and Lana’s intimate encounters on video, subsequently using it as leverage to blackmail Aseel. Desperate for a solution, Aseel turns to the local kingpin, Abaas, and his formidable right-hand woman, Hanadi. While the film sets the stage for an intriguing story, it ultimately falls short in delivering a satisfying conclusion, leaving various plot points unresolved.

Despite its potential, The Alleys fails to fully realize its promise. The intricate performances by Maisa Abd Elhadi and Nadira Omran elevate the film, breathing life into their respective characters. Their portrayals are a testament to their talent and add depth to an otherwise lackluster narrative. However, the film’s inability to tie up loose ends and provide a coherent resolution leaves viewers feeling unfulfilled.

The setting of the residential alleys of Amman creates an immersive atmosphere that captures the audience’s attention. The closeness of the buildings and the intricate connections between the characters mirror the confined nature of their lives. Yet, this rich backdrop cannot compensate for the film’s shortcomings in plot development and resolution.

The Alleys showcases potential but fails to deliver a compelling and satisfying experience. While it benefits from strong performances, particularly by Maisa Abd Elhadi and Nadira Omran, the film’s unresolved plot points and lack of a cohesive conclusion hinder its overall impact. The Alleys ultimately falls short of its promise, leaving viewers wanting more.


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