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Film & DVD Review: A Perfect Getaway

The Perfect Getaway DVD cover

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A Perfect Getaway is based in the present in Hawaii. There are three different couples.  All three are on one of the five Hawaiian Islands.  Local juicy gossip is that on an island nearby a murder has been committed by a man and a woman traveling together. 

Two of the vacationing couples become friends and start camping together. Both couples believe that the other couple may be the murderers and avoid them. When the third creepier couple are then found guilty of the murder the two couples are much relieved. 

But later there is a twist in the tale… 

I had to re-watch A Perfect Getaway, as at a point it gets confusing – none the less, if I didn’t re-watch it I wouldn’t have noticed some of the details that I did.  It is very thrilling and at the end, I thought it had a great storyline and the twist was really unexpected. The characters are very well played by the actors and I would give this movie 5 stars! 

Review by Lulu Fandango

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