Culture Vulture: our guide to the week’s entertainment 20 – 26 August 2022

Saturday 20 August 2022

Boris: Getting Brexit Done 3pm BBC RADIO 4

Adam Fleming explores the life and career of Boris Johnson with people who have known, watched, and worked with him. Episode seven explores the first part of the PM years.

The Last Movie Stars (1/6) 9pm Sky Documentaries

In “The Last Movie Stars on Sky documentaries,” Ethan Hawke explores the lives of Hollywood legends Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. The two met in 1953 and married the following year. They would go on to star in dozens of films together, including “The Long Hot Summer,” “The Hudsucker Proxy” and “Nobody’s Fool.” The golden couple worked on 16 movies together; five of them directed by Newman.

Hawke interviews friends, family members, and colleagues of the couple to get a sense of their enduring love affair and successful careers. Long-lost transcripts of interviews with Paul, Joanne, and those close to them, are also used as a source and brought to life by the voices of contemporary actors.

The film is a nostalgic look at two Hollywood icons whose legacies continue to be celebrated. Woodward, widowed since 2008 has retreated from public life since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s not forget that their social contribution continues with the Newman’s Own grocery brand that has since 1982 raised nearly $600 million to improve the lives of children who face adversity.

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind 10pm Sky Documentaries

A look at the remarkable life, career, and tragic death of actress Natalie Wood, with interviews, home movies, and insights from her friends.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Re-Union: Occupy London 11.15am BBC RADIO 4

Kirsty Wark reunites some of those caught up in the anti-capitalist protests of Occupy London in 2011.

The Spying Game (1/3) 7.20pm PBS America

Tales of the Cold War. Germany becomes the battleground for numerous spies.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) 9pm Great Movies

A writer encounters the owner of an aging high-class hotel, who tells him of his early years serving as a lobby boy in the hotel’s glorious years under an exceptional concierge. See our review here.

Rommel: The Soldier, The Son and Hitler 10.30pm PBS America

A rare insight into the military career and personal life of Erwin Rommel from the perspective of his son, Manfred.

Monday 22 August 2022

Crossing Continents: Moldova – East or West? 8.30pm BBC RADIO 4

This former Soviet republic faces both east and west – but which way is best for Moldova’s future?

The Yorkshire Ripper Story: Chapeltown (1/3) 9pm BBC4

An exploration of the first three years of Britain’s biggest criminal manhunt.

Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders 8.30pm Channel 4

Jamie’s One-Pan wonders will have you cooking up a storm in no time. This new Channel 4 series sees Jamie Oliver sharing his favourite recipes that can all be cooked in one pan, making cleanup a breeze. From hearty stews and casseroles to delicious pizzas and pasta, there’s something for everyone in this collection of easy recipes. The first episode starts with frying-pan pasta, a twist on a fish pie, and a roast lamb feast.

So don’t miss Jamie’s one-pan wonders, premiering on Channel 4 this week!

House of the Dragon: The Heirs of the Dragon (1/10) 9pm Sky Atlantic

The big buzz this week is the new series House of the Dragon which is set to air on Sky Atlantic next week. The show is based on the George R. R. Martin book series A Song of Ice and Fire and is et two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones, the series chronicles the beginning of the end of House Targaryen, the events leading up to and covering the Targaryen war of succession, known as the “Dance of the Dragons”.

The show will star Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen, who is best known for playing the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who. Other cast members include Olivia Cooke as Lady Alicent Hightower and Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

House of the Dragon is sure to be a hit with fans of the book series as well as fans of Game of Thrones. The series is full of action, adventure, and drama, and is sure to keep viewers hooked from start to finish. Make sure to tune in to see Matt Smith bring the character of Daemon Targaryen to life!

Tuesday 23 August 2022

The Pyrenees With Michael Portillo (1/4) 9pm Channel 5

If you’re a fan of travel documentaries, then you’ll love The Pyrenees with Michael Portillo. This show takes you on a journey through the picturesque mountain range that separates France and Spain. Michael is the perfect guide, providing interesting historical insights and plenty of humor along the way.

The Festival That Rocked the World 9pm Sky Arts

Exclusive interviews and footage tell the epic story of the 1969 Woodstock festival. In a time of unrest, half a million people united at a farm and made history.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Will the U.S. and China go to war over Taiwan? 11am BBC RADIO 4

Tensions are high between the US and China over Taiwan. China wants reunification, and the US says it will defend Taiwan. Will there be conflict and what form could that take?

Arkansas (2020) 9pm Film Four

Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin named Frog, whom they’ve never met. But when a deal goes horribly wrong, the consequences are deadly.

Botany: A Blooming History (1/3) 7.30pm BBC Four

Timothy Walker reveals how the work of Carl Linnaeus, Philip Miller, and John Ray unlocked the mysteries of the plant kingdom and created the science of botany.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Witness For The Prosecution 8pm BBC4 (1957)

Sir Wilfrid Robarts, a senior barrister, who is recovering from a heart attack, takes on the case of Leonard Vole. He ignores the objections of his private nurse, Miss Plimsoll, who says the doctor has warned him against taking on any criminal cases. Vole is accused of murdering Mrs. Emily French, a wealthy, childless, older widow who had become enamoured of him, and who made him the main beneficiary of her will. Strong circumstantial evidence points to Vole as the killer, but Sir Wilfrid believes Vole is innocent.

A treat for Wilder fans like me (PH) as he co-adapted and directed it. Stars Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton, and Elsa Lanchester.

The Apartment (1960) 9.50pm BBC4

Directed by Wilder this film tells the story of a Manhattan insurance clerk trying to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own ensue.

Friday 26 August 2022

Donavan & The Beatles in India 9pm Sky Arts

Scottish folk singer Donovan retraces The Beatles’ 1968 trip to India, where they discovered meditation and wrote over two dozen songs.

And at the Edinburgh Fringe…

Medea the Musical, See our review here.
Antigone the Musical. See our review here.


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