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Sunday 19 June 2022

Our Classical Century 7pm BBC4

Our Classical Century is a celebration of the most memorable musical moments from 1918 – 2018. A host of well-loved guests & presenters guide us through the century in documentaries, features and performances.

Glastonbury: 50 years and counting

Jamiroquai at Glastonbury Festival 1993

A social and musical history of (probably) the world’s greatest music festival, as told by its principal curators, Michael and Emily Eavis, and many of the key artists who’ve appeared there.

Monday 20 June 2022

Sherwood episode (3/6) 8pm BBC1 all available on i- player

As the mourners drink at the Welfare, the Sparrows pay their respects. While at the Jackson house, Scott is about to leave when Ronan knocks at the door.

Victorian Sensations- Decadence and Degeneration (Wells, Wilde, Beardsley) (2/3) 11.30pm BBC4

Actor Paul McGann discovers how fears of moral and imperial decline terrified 1890s Britain – informing the daring plays of Oscar Wilde and the fantastical stories of HG Wells. Previous episode on I-Player.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Sherwood episode (4/6) 9pm BBC1

With two killers now on the run, Ian is forced to call in the Met to support the manhunt. Meanwhile, the hunt for the mystery spy cop intensifies as a link to Scott is found.

The Whistle-blowers: Inside the United Nations 9pm BBC2

Told by insiders with decades of experience working at the UN, this documentary shares first-hand accounts of what happens to staff when they report allegations of wrongdoing, and shines a light on the culture of silence that reaches the highest levels of the organisation’s hierarchy. Throughout the programme, and at great personal cost, the whistleblowers share their personal experiences of working at the world’s top diplomatic institution, and also allege a wide range of sexual abuse and corruption across many UN agencies.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Just One Thing – with Michael Mosley: An Apple a Day 9.30am BBC RADIO 4

An apple a day really can keep the doctor away. Michael explores the surprising research into the benefits of apples on your heart, gut and brain.

Thursday 23 June 2022

HMP Wormwood Scrubs: Evil Behind Bars 10pm Channel 5

The history of the famous prison, which has been used to incarcerate everyone from serial killers Ian Brady and Peter Sutcliffe to rock stars Pete Doherty and Keith Richards. The programme examines its use by MI5 in the Second World War, the story of a Soviet spy who escaped, and perhaps the most well-known inmate, the infamous Charles Bronson.

Scouting For Girls: Fashions Darkest Secret Sky Documentaries/Showcase 9pm

For decades, the glamour of the fashion industry has provided cover for sexual predators who target models – some as young as 15 – under the guise of career mentorship.

Friday 24 June 2022

Putin’s Road to War 8pm PBS America

The “inside story” of what led to Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. The events that shaped the Russian leader, the grievances that drive him, and how a growing conflict with the West exploded into war in Europe.

Dark Corners: Abuse in Public Schools: Eton to Fettes (2/3) 11am BBC RADIO 4

What will be uncovered when a light is shone in the dark corners of Britain’s most elite boarding school? Alex Renton presents a story of class, power and privilege.

See here for other episodes.

Picture attribution: Manfred Werner – Tsui, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Selections by Henry Falconer and Pat Harrington


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