Culture Vulture: Our guide to the week’s entertainment

Saturday 16 April 2022

Easter from King’s. Choir of King’s College Cambridge 2022 BBC2 6.20pm
Music and readings for Holy Week and Easter from the Chapel of King’s College, Cambridge, with the world-famous choir directed by Daniel Hyde.

Siege of Masada Smithsonian 8pm

This fascinating documentary, seeks to examine the accuracy of the event that took place in 70 C.E. in which approximately 960 Jews sought refuge in the mountains of Masada. Even though the Jews were outnumbered 10-to-1, they managed to survive for several months against the Roman army. According to one report by Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian, 960 people were killed and 7 captured.

The Jewish people took their lives rather than be captured by the Roman army, according to Josephus. He explained that Eleazar Ben Yair, one of the leaders, told the group that “a glorious death is preferable to a life of infamy.”

Queens of Country: The Hits and the Heartbreak Channel 5 9.15pm
Wall-to-wall music from the undisputed Queens of Country. Featuring a mixture of legendary performances, rarely seen archive and iconic videos, take in all your favourite country classics.

Sunday 17 April 2022

1922 the birth of Now. Louis Armstrong leaves New Orleans for ChicagoBBC RADIO 4 2.45 pm
Louis Armstrong’s move to Chicago is akin to James Joyce’s from Dublin to Paris, from entrenchment to cultural emancipation.

The Beatles – made on Merseyside PBS America 9.15pm
Few dispute that the Beatles defined 1960s music and popular culture like no other band, but how John, Paul, George and Ringo made the journey from Merseyside teenagers to international pop stars is less known. Director Alan Byron’s documentary recounts the rise of the band as American rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues dragged post-war Liverpool into one of the most vibrant music cities ever with the Mersey Beat sound.

Opera Italia. History of Italian Opera BBC4 10.20PM
Series tracing the history of Italian opera presented by Antonio Pappano, conductor and music director at the Royal Opera House

Monday 18 April 2022

Crossing Continents: Russia’s Unwelcome New Exiles BBC RADIO 4 8.30pm
President Putin’s war/special militiary operation against Ukraine has sent hundreds of thousands of Russians into exile, for political or economic reasons. In Georgia, some now help Ukraine. But they’re not always welcome.

House of Maxwell (3/3) BBC 2 9.55pm
The story of the latest in a long line of scandals to engulf the Maxwell family: the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Mae West: Dirty Blonde PBS America 9.55pm
Dive into the life and career of groundbreaking writer, performer and subversive star Mae West. Over a career spanning eight decades, she broke boundaries and possessed creative and economic powers unheard of for a female entertainer in the 1930s.

Comedians Giving Lectures Dave 10pm
Sara Pascoe challenges fellow comedians to deliver an inspiring lecture on a random topic of her choosing. They are given the title of a real lecture but not the content, their oratory skills are judged by experts in the topic.

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Novels that shaped our world; A Woman’s Place BBC 4 9pm
Ever since Samuel Richardson’s novel “Pamela’, published in 1740, the novel has been a predominantly female literary form, offering far more opportunities to women writers than any other and consistently turning a powerful lens on the full range and depth of women”s lives.

Iran- Iraq War (1/4) PBS America 9.55pm
This powerful and gripping series examines the course of the Iran-Iraq War over eight long years, the unprecedented slaughter on both sides of the conflict and the damaging legacy it has left on the region.

Better Call Saul (season six releasing on Netflix from today)
The core of this season is the moral fall of Kim Wexler.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

The Lady and the Dale (1/4) Sky Documentaries 9pm
“The Lady and the Dale” explores the story of mysterious entrepreneur Elizabeth Carmichael, a trans woman who rose to prominence when she released a fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle during the 1970s gas crisis.

Thursday 21 April 2022

Chivalry Channel 4 10pm
Steve Coogan stars as a producer who has to detoxify his film in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Also features Sarah Solemani, Wanda Sykes, Sienna Miller, Lolly Adefope, Robert Lonsdale and more. This promises to be either really good or really bad!

Friday 22 April 2022

Lost art of the churches BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA
Curator Paul Bayley discovers forgotten examples of important 20th century modernist visual art in British churches.

The art in our churches might surprise you

Selections by Patrick Harrington and Henry Falconer


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