Film & DVD Review: Constantine

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a film directed by Francis Lawrence. Written by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello, based on characters from the Hellblazer graphic novels. Running time: 120 minutes.

Reviewed by Al Martin

Keanu Reeves Stars as John Constantine, with Rachel Weisz (pronounced Vice) in a film based on the DC Comic Book, Hellblazer.

John Constantine is born, with the gift, power & ability to see the Demon Half-breeds that live as humans on earth. Rachel Weisz play’s the part of twins, Angela Dodson & Isabel Dodson. Isabel naturally perceives the Demon Half-breeds that Constantine does while Angela perceives the Angel’s living on earth.

I find this film incredibly enjoyable & fascinating, & wish to view it again, immediately I begin to imagine what it would be like to know for certain that there is a Hell & it’s where your headed. If you don’t watch this film I think that you would be missing out because it is easily one of the best films I’ve seen all year.

I find Rachel Weisz incredibly attractive in Constantine, now I believe this is the first film I have seen her in, so naturally I will be on the look out for her in others. Straight away I was captivated by her beauty, & feel convinced by her performance, every time I look back on Constantine she really stands out.

Tilda Swinton also co stars in this picture as the Angel Gabriel, which is a pleasant surprise, for you may see her in films like Orlando, The Beach (with Leonardo Di Caprio), & others. For me she is pleasing to the eyes & ears as a Character Actor or lead. Every time I see her she dazzles me with her unusual, attractive features.

All in all I thoroughly appreciate this film on many different levels, instantly I can conjure up the scenes that were most memorable. In addition to others Constantine will find it’s way into my collection this year.


  • John Constantine: Keanu Reeves
  • Angela and Isabel Dodson: Rachel Weisz
  • Chas: Shia LeBeouf
  • Midnite: Djimon Hounsou
  • Beeman: Max Baker
  • Father Hennessy: Pruitt Taylor Vince
  • Balthazar: Gavin Rossdale
  • Gabriel: Tilda Swinton
  • Satan: Peter Stormare
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