Horsemen film poster

Poster for Horsemen

USA:R | Hong Kong:III | Singapore:M18 (cut) | Singapore:NC-16 (edited
version) | UK:18 | Australia:MA | France:-16 | South Korea:18 |
Japan:R15+ | Philippines:R-13 (MTRCB)

Runtime:  90 min

Aidan Breslin is a bitter detective emotionally distanced from his two
young sons following the untimely death of his devoted wife. While
investigating a series of murders of rare violence, he discovers a
terrifying link between himself and the suspects in a chain of murders
that seem to be based on the Biblical prophecies concerning the Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund and written by Dave Callaham
Release Date:  30 October 2009 (UK)

Horsemen is a thriller worth your viewing time.This movie stars Dennis Quaid as single father Aidan Breslin, a forensic ordontologist crime solving copper, whose struggling to juggle his intense cases and keep up with the daily stresses of single parenting.  He is bitter from the recent death of his devoted wife and struggling to cope with his boys while he keeps his tears and his emotions in check.

His oldest, Alex, played by Lou Taylor Pucci, acts more like the younger boys’ parental unit rather than a sibling and seems very intent during their local church service, and yet, non plussed when his dad is again called to another bloody case.

With primordial themes showing a variety of suspension ceremony and satanic implied rite, this movie starts as gore and suggestion, adds biblical references from revelations and culminates in heart wrenching morality.

One actor who has well formed her character is Ziyi Zhang as Kristin. Ziyi is formerly known for her superb performance in Memoirs of a Geisha and House of Flying Daggers, and here, she gives an excellent performance of a nonapologetic creepy red horsegirl of the apocalypse.

This movie could give children of the corn and village of the damned a run for their money as far as creepy kids hell bent on destroying humanity films go..the 4 Pubescents of the Apocalypse are out for pain and retribution and are determined to spew vengeance on the parents they feel have neglected them in life.

Dissapointingly, the Pale horseman gives a somewhat milktoast performance in the first half of the film, however, he gives a much more powerful performance in the final part.

Reviewed by Rosdaughr

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